Cooperative Planning & Communities Engagement Process

  • We are committed to leading a school planning process through which our school community will discuss and design together our school’s goals and priorities moving forward into the future, including how we will use the additional resources that come with a renewed Lea-Penn Partnership.
  • We are committed to facilitating a process that is inclusive in every way possible, most importantly by engaging with the diverse communities that make up our Lea school community––including students, families, school staff, partners, community members, the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, the School District of Philadelphia, and Penn.
  • We are committed to a process that is equitable and open so that we hear and listen to the many and varied interests, needs, and aspirations of the members of our school community.
  • Over the coming months, there will be a number of opportunities for Lea students, families, staff, and partners to share their opinions, questions, concerns, and hopes regarding the Lea-Penn Partnership and the future of our school.
  • We will start by hosting town halls and meetings during the months of January and February 2022, and will schedule various open meetings and focus groups in the following months, as well as use surveys to gather input and feedback.
  • Information about our first round of meetings is being shared with staff, students, families, and partners via letter, email, the school website (, ClassDojo, and School Messenger.
  • Information about future meetings, focus groups, and surveys will be shared in advance through these same channels.